Blast room


Correct preparation of metal surfaces before painting is fundamental to the field of corrosion protection. Therefore, sand blasting (blast cleaning) of metal products - an important component of any contemporary manufacturing of steel structures, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, bridge building, and others.

In connection with this, the presence or absence of blast rooms (other used terms: blast booth, blast camera, blasting room, blasting booth) at the enterprises of the above mentioned branches of manufacture- an indicator of how this manufacture to relate for solving of problem of corrosion protection.



What does it mean «sand blasting» («shot blasting”)? Sand blasting – this is process of influence to cleaning surface by abrasive, moving due to the energy of pressure air. Sand blasting (shot blasting) are used for removing of corrosion or old paint from metal surface. Most often, it’s a manual cleaning by operator (one or more) inside of room (camera). Some times, it’s automatic process: by using of manipulators or robots.

Blast rooms are used to clean a variety types of products, from small to large in size, from light to heavy in weight. The main idea of using blast booths are possibility to use for cleaning of highly reusable abrasive (steel greet, stainless steel grit, corundum, etc), that allows considerably reduce the cost of the cleaning process, to reduce dust generation, practically eliminate the influence on the environment.



We can offer:

  • wide range of blast rooms (booths) for blasting steel welded structurals, ship blocks, railway wagons, wind towers;
  • blast cameras for blasting with carbon steel grit, stainless steel grit, aluminum oxide, plastic media, glass beads;
  • different types of blast rooms (portable and mobile, stationary from small to large, with one entrance or continuous, with monorail for telpher or with rail for transport cart;
  • customized for your particular needs;
  • designed for all types of work handling;
  • projecting, planning and layout of blast rooms
  • erection and turnkey installation.


The most widely, blast rooms are used by manufacturers of steel structures, who using hard wearing steel grit as the abrasive. Such abrasive, plus high production through put rates, require special design of rooms (protecting of walls by rubber material, illumination) and necessary equipment, other then blast pots: transport system for collecting of used abrasive, abrasive recovery system, dust collector.

Why steel grit are used as abrasive in most cameras? Because, this abrasive is able to be recycled hundreds of times and due to given fact - result in the lowest abrasive consumption cost per square meter.


Other types of abrasive (glass beads, corundum, stainless steel shot, plastic, soda (calcium) and so on) could use for cleaning of other kind of surfaces: aluminum, brass, composition metal, stainless steel, glass.

A blast room includes some main components: the containment structure (room), the abrasive blasting system (blast pots), recovery (recycling) system for regeneration (cleaning) of reusable abrasive and the dust collector. Most blast rooms have also other systems, such as: scraper (reclaim) floors for collecting of used abrasive and convey it pneumatically or mechanically to special hopper or directly to recycling system; automatic wall platforms for access operators to cleaned units.

The basic criteria that define choice of the desired camera and its specifications are the maximum dimensions of the treated products, their weight, required capacity of cleaning.