Spray cabins

Spray cabin is a partially localized space for painting jobs, equipped by exhaust ventilation, filters and illumination.

Spray cabin like as a painting booth, but has open face. Therefore, they names often as “open face booth”. The sample of typical spray cabin is shown at the picture below.



Spray cabin (open face booth) has a light frame (steel or aluminum profile), which covered by galvanized, stainless steel or painted steel sheets.

Exhaust fan can be placed inside or outside of the wall.

Lamps (illumination) are mounted on the celling or walls of cabin.

Filter is assembled into the wall (as part of open face booth) and used for filtration of both liquid and solid air-borne overspray particles of paints and therefore to achieve proper health conditions during painting process.


Filter wall consists of two-step filtration system:

  • cardboard filter



  • paint stop fiberglass filter



The size of a spray cabin (booth) is chosen so that the width of the wall (booth) exceeds the maximum size of the painted product.