Shot blast machines

We offer for our potential customers different types of shot blast machines into optimum combinations. Our offer a complete range of machines to cover the key sectors in surface treatment technology, grinding, finishing and shot-blasting.We can find the most economical and technically effective solution for our clients.

Shot-blasting machines are manufactured to the high standards and quality, to ensure the most cost-effective processes available on the market. Designed for cleaning different type of product (steel plates, profiles, iron parts, metal constructions, etc) with abrasive material flow. High-speedabrasive materials formed by wheels (turbines) clean and treat surface with needed cleanliness and roughness.



Offered shot blast machines cover many different industries such as foundries, steel, iron and non ferrous, forges, hot pressings, heat treatment, structural steel, railway vehicles, agricultural and construction  machines, gas bottle, tanks, pipe line plant and  shipyards, metallic wire and bars. 

Shot blast machines are used for such applications as:

  • Descaling
  • Removing of rust or old paint
  • Removing of oxide films
  • Preparation of the surface to the following treatment of paint or machining

The range of offered shot blast equipment is:

  • Shot blast machine with rotating drum
  • Shot blast machine with roller conveyor
  • Hookshotblastmachine
  • Tunnel shot blast machine



Application fields

  • Forging industry
  • Steel welded structural
  • Steel- and ship building
  • Automotive industry
  • Gearbox manufacturing
  • Aerospace industry
  • Turbine, wind energy
  • Bearing industry


  • Tool industry
  • Engine building
  • Hydraulic- pneumatic industry
  • Furniture and hardware
  • Electronic industry
  • Cutlery and knife parts
  • Ceramic industry

In addition to standard shot blast machines, we can offer a machine designed specifically for a specific customer (customized shot blast equipment). For example, a shot blast machine for cleaning of beer kegs.



We make assembling of shot blaste quipment and provide warranty service.