Blast room equipment

Dust collector and ventilation

During the shot blasting process, dust is generated inside the blastroom (blast booth), which is in air. This impairs the visibility, moreover, the dust will fall in a used abrasive, that will lead to additional load on the recovery system.

This problem is solved by a dust collector. The dust collector is designed for removing dust from a working zone of the blastroom.

Specification of dust collectors: by air capacity (up 1000 to 50000 cub m/h), number and type of filtering cartridges, the installation location of the fan.

The most popular and effective filters are dry, cartridge type dust collectors, in which the incoming air flow is from the bottom part of the dust collector, dust is collecting into cartridge elements and exhausting air flow are in top, “clear” part.

Due to the use of special cartridge - filters from polyester, ensures very low rates of residual dust in exhaust air. For example, typical blasting application with steel grit has volume of residual dust not more then 3 mg/m³.



Fan. The dust collectors are equipped with a fan (direct or belt drive), both regarding pressure and air flow (capacity). The fans are statically and dynamically balanced.

Filtering cartridges are main element of the dust collector (ventilation unit), which provides cleaning of exhaust air with the required level of purification.

Automatic cleaning system. The filtering cartridges are automatically cleaned by a automatic pulse-jet type system. This system consists of valves installed on the receiver (air tank) required volume, blowing pipes, electronic control unit that actuates the valves in an alternate manner for a certain time. The actuated valves release a strong jet of compressed air from receiver, which goes through the blowing pipes and Venturi type nozzles, that is positioned at the top part of the filtering cartridge. This compressed air releases the residues of dust from the filters, which falls down in the conical hopper located under the filters.

Conical hopper. The hopper is used for collecting of dust, which has fallen down from the filters. Could be equipped with a special unloading valve or a removable container for waste. The unloading valve or removable container is positioned at the lower part of the hopper.

Air intake valve. A butterfly type air intake valve is located beside the hopper and allows the adjustment of the total flow of exhaust air.




  • Available in all sizes, design and capacity
  • Roof mounted or separate located fans
  • For all dry abrasive blasting applications
  • Standard is 99.99% efficient to .5 micron