Shot blasting and abrasive equipment is intended for the preparation of metallic surfaces: removal of scales, residue of moulding mixture, rust, old paint and pollution, strengthening of metal and giving metal a roughness.

Shot blasting machine of different types, blasting booths, blast pots are usually used in enterprises which are associated with manufacture of metal structures: car building and repair, shipbuilding and ship repair, pipe industry, bridge construction, mechanical engineering, and many others.

This equipment can also be used for cleaning other kinds of surfaces like concrete or stone.

Presence of shoot blasting, sand blasting and painting-drying equipment at a production enterprise allows to significantly improve the technological progress, improve productivity, ensure the quality of products and in some cases, influence potential customer’s placement of orders.

Our group of companies performs an entire range of services, from project development and to the production and supply of the above equipment.


The complex engineering project for the supply of equipment includes:

  • Preliminary study of needs, existing technology processes, nomenclature and volumes of products, customer’s infrastructure status
  • Selection of equipment, preparation of a draft design
  • Design and supplying the necessary process equipment
  • Designing and manufacturing nonstandard equipment
  • Provision of means of protection and technical documentation
  • Operation and safety training
  • Service maintenance, warranty repair, supply of components