Blast room equipment

Abrasive recovery system with bucket elevator

The abrasive recovery system with bucket elevator is designed for abrasive (steel grit) cleaning from debris and dust, his accumulation to further downloads at the blasting machines (blast pots). 

The main part of this system is separator of abrasive. This unit most often are working as a part of the system of collection and regeneration (recycling) of abrasive, but may be executed also as a separate device.

Compact abrasive recovery system for mobile applications

This separator was designed especially for mobile applications, has small dimensions and simple in working.

Consists from small silo for loading of abrasive, bucket conveyer, separator with sieve, in-built dust collector. If you need to regenerate in any place the used abrasive – such separator are  the best choice: compact design for transport, good capacity for cleaning, low cost.


Stationary compact recycling unit 

Have the same design as above mentioned separator of abrasive, but without silo for loading of abrasive. Additionally equipped by special intermediate hopper below of outlet of separator (mounted above the blast pot), his bucket conveyor has more length.

It can be used with automatic scraper floor or other system of collection abrasive.

Additionally, it may be executed both in an option with the in-built dust collector, and without it: cleaning of abrasive from the dust makes due to external air flow produced by the stationary dust collector of the blasting room.


Standard types of stationary abrasive recovery system 

The most widely used stationary abrasive recovery system for blasting booth (blast room) are models of separators with bucket conveyor, for uploading of 1, 2 or 4 blast pots (machines) simultaneously.

Bucket elevator (1) delivers the abrasive at rotating sieve or screen mesh with vibration inside of separator (4), which produces primary cleaning of abrasive from large debris (debris is removed from the separator through a special hose to the tank (5)). Then, the abrasive is cleaning from dust by airflow through inlet (3) in separator (so called “air washing”). Airflow is obtained from exhaust duct of the stationary dust collector of blast room (air duct is connected to a special hole (8) of separator). Service board (6) and door (2) – for revision and maintenance.




  • Designed for all types of abrasives
  • Suited for all blast pot configuration
  • Portable systems available
  • Stationary / movable types of abrasive recovery system