Blast room equipment

Vacuum abrasive recovery system

Vacuum method of collection and cleaning (regeneration) of abrasive

The vacuum method for collecting and regenerating abrasives is widely used in various applications of abrasive blasting. Typical set of equipment consists from vacuum unit (vacuum pump, industrial vacuum cleaner), the silo with integrated separator, suction and vacuum hoses, special suction nozzle for collecting of abrasive.

Vacuum abrasive recovery system can be used in combination with a scraper floor, when the abrasive is supplied from floor hopper to separation and accumulation due to air flow (vacuum) from industrial vacuum cleaner, as well as a standalone equipment for manual collection and cleaning of the abrasive (steel grit).

Vacuum system for the collection of spent abrasive is popular in the shipbuilding and ship repair, when need to collect abrasive after the blasting of tanks or ballast tanks of the vessel, and also at internal blasting works in the tanks (for example, oil refinery industry). Depending on the power of vacuum unit, suction hose length can reach up to 100 m, and cleaning productivity can reach several tons per hour.


PAVALEX offers two models of vacuum abrasive recovery system for possible use in the blasting booth equipped by scraper floor.

  • VS-PX-5,5-1 – for 1 operator 
  • VS-PX-5,5-2 – for 2 operators


Sometimes, our client  needs the blast room without a scraper floor, therefore, we can supply the vacuum abrasive recovery system for manual collecting of used abrasive. Such recovery systems haven’t the conical hopper, but are equipped with a longer suction hose (up to 15 m) and special nozzles.