Blast room equipment

Automatic scraper floor

The automatic scraper floor is designed for automatically collecting of used abrasive (steel grit, corundum, glass beads, stainless steel shot, etc) inside of blast room and supplying it to recovery (recycling) system. Typically, scraper floor are combination of some longitudinal and one cross movable frames (modules) with special blades. A movable frame has pneumatic or electric drive (depends from customized requirements of client), which provides forward and reverse motion of the module.

Longitude module of scraper floor has installed height of 130 mm (with covered grills) and different width (0.6 m, 0.9 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m).


Scraper floor are controlled by programmer.



  • Designed for all types of abrasives
  • Pneumatic or electric drive of modules
  • Stationary or movable blades
  • Sized for any blast rooms
  • Suited for all recovery systems