Painting booths

Painting technology is an important part of any modern manufacturing. The correct choice of method of painting allows to provide not only the required surface protection, but also a appropriate decorative and aesthetic properties.

Construction industry and large equipment manufacturers require custom painting booths to meet their specific product challenges. 


Our company offers a complete product line in the finishing industry:

  • painting booths (spray booths) and painting – drying booths
  • automotive spray booths and preparation stations (car, truck, bus)
  • paint mixing rooms
  • drying booths (industrial ovens)
  • powder coating spray booths


We supply painting booths for application of both solvent-based and water-based paints.




We offer all designs to meet your requirements. Our specialists are ready to give all helpful information in choosing the paint booth in accordance with client requirements. Industrial painting booths are fully customizable and their wide range covers all possible applications.

Painting booth can be used on it’s own or in combination with other special equipment to form a complete system, for example, with the blasting room or washing booth.

Booths are built either from sandwich panels with insulation layer standalone (rock wall, for example). These three-layered panels provide a pre-coated, white interior. On site, these panels attach to horizontal and vertical tubular steel framing using nut and bolt assembly. Standard steel framing is engineered for booth load only. Industrial painting booths are equipped with intake – exhaust ventilation units, heating systems, illumination (IP65 or Ex), filters (celling folding or roll-up main doors.


Key components of painting - drying booth

  1. Foundation (base)
  2. Gratings of suction channels
  3. Glass fiber paint stop filters
  4. Basement of  paint stop filters
  5. Illumination
  6. High efficency media ceiling filter
  7. Control box
  8. Burner (gas or diesel)
  9. The heat exchanger
  10. Pre - incoming air -filter
  11. Intake fan
  12. Controlled damper for modes "painting / drying"
  13. Pre-exhaust air filter
  14. Exhaust fan
  15. Exhaust air damper
  16. The air temperature sensor in the chamber
  17. The solenoid valve control
  18. Thermal overheat
  19. Intake air temperature sensor   
  20. The pressure gauge
  21. Burner tube (removing of combustion products)
  22. The intake air ducting
  23. The exhaust air ducting


We want to make sure that you select a paint booth that will fit your needs, your space and your budget. Our paint booth specialists can answer your questions and help you choose the right booth or start the process of designing a custom booth.

Some important questions in determining  painting booth, which will meet your needs:

  • What are you painting? Type of parts, their maximum and minimum sizes, type of coating.
  • What are your production goals?
  • How much painting and how often?
  • What space inside your facility do you have to work with?
  • What is your budget?