Spray painting equipment MBP

Company MBP (Spain) is an experienced manufacturer of spray painting equipment, very well introduced in more than 60 countries. MBP is focused explicitly on the precise needs of our market: spraying, transferring or manipulation of any paint, liquid or grease. High quality, ease of use, reliability in work - the distinctive features of the MBP painting equipment.



Electric Airless units

Pneumatic airless units

Pneumatic Air-Assisted-Airless units

Low pressure units

Two component mixing units (2K)

Transfer pumps

Extrusion pump

Rotary Pneumatic Agitators

Rotary Pneumatic Agitators,
Gear Reduced

Alternating Pneumatic Agitator

Agitating & Transfering Sets

Airless guns

Air-Assisted-Airless gun

Automatic Conventional Spray Gun

Automatic Sprayer

Grease Pumps

Fluid Heater